Saturday, May 30, 2009

When You Need a Plumber in Cincinnati

Plumbing is one of the major concerns among home and business owners. Not a lot of people are knowledgeable or skilled when it comes to matters such as sewers, drains, pumps, et cetera. Many people have also been taken in by plumbers who charge an arm and a leg, but actually just give a temporary fix to their plumbing woes. These types are enough to drive you to DIY even if you do not have the know-how. Either way, you end up with a bigger headache than your original plumbing trouble. This is why it is always good to have a company of longstanding you can rely on to provide excellent service but at reasonable rates. In Cincinnati and the northern Kentucky area, the plumber of choice for more than half a century has been Allied Reddi-Rooter. Cincinnati Plumbing is in safe hands with this company of experience and excellent repute. They specialize in everything from leaky pipes to sewer and downspout line replacement. They have complete equipment including underground cameras for a more thorough inspection, pump trucks for septic pumping, treatment plants, high pressure water jet machines, and many more. Cincinnati can always rely on them to give prompt and efficient service.

In Between Words

If by words, I mean paid posts. Anyway, I have been a fan of Collective Soul for the longest time, but since giving birth to Marguerite, I've been listening to them more and more. There was a time (shortly after giving birth) when I had a crush on Joel Kosche(?). I am always reminded by this episode by the fact that I have Joel Kosche and Ryan Hoyle (not to mention Collective Soul itself) in my MySpace friends list and I subscribed to their blogs. I also requested Ed Roland to add me, but he didn't (What's up with that, Ed?). I don't think Dean Roland had an account back when I was doing MySpace. Anyway, right now, I would listen to just 3 songs in the car: "The World I Know", "Needs", and "In Between". This is actually better because right before the current Collective Soul mania, I would play the Indigo Girls' "The Power of Two" over and over. Just about drove Husband crazy.

Chatting with Fellow Christians

Since I spend most of my social interaction online (pathetic I know, but thus is the life of a SAHM), I get to befriend people from all over the world. All of the people I have jived with are those whom I have something in common with (although I would be hard-pressed to find somebody I don’t have anything in common with - there’s usually always something). Most of my online buddies are fellow moms, although I also have quite a number of friends from forums I have joined. In this mixture of moms, writers, fellow aficionados (of various things - obviously, I have many interests, lol), is a subgroup that formed itself in my head - the Christians. I have kind of zeroed in on them since I know that I can discuss with and mention certain things to them and they would automatically understand me. It is always nice to be able to talk to somebody of the same faith. At least you can be certain that you are coming from the same place. It is also awesome to know that you can share things with them and ask them to pray with you about certain concerns. A christian online chat room will be a good place to find fellow Christians to befriend.

Friday Night Out

So this is what it's like to go out and see other people on a Friday night. It's nice. I have a vague recollection of being able to do this with more regularity about an aeon ago. Of course now it's more about cooking dinner and maybe if I'm lucky, catching the Survivor replay and reruns of The Office. Basically, it's about convincing Marguerite to retire early so I can get some rest too. Anyway, sometimes it does pay to be a know-it-all and answer polls and forum questions because MomCenter Editor Nikki Constantino invited the most active members of the site to a free dinner at iRepublik restaurant last night. The food was great, but getting to meet Nikki and the other moms was even better. In my nanny-strewn building (love the nannies, but, really, where have all the SAHMs - or just plain moms - gone?), you'll understand how I'm a little desperate for non-virtual mom friendship. Anyway, the group chatted away about the site and other things, both motherhood and non-motherhood related. We also got gift cards from Azta Urban Salon. I opted for the protein treatment one since I'm not getting a haircut until I can cut off 10+ inches again. Anyway, after the dinner, Husband, MIL, Marguerite and I headed to the nearby Icebergs for icecream whereupon Marguerite regaled us with her gooey and sticky rendition of "Eating Ice Cream Before the Advent of Utensils" (it's an original performance art, lol). Yes, her hands were "supposedly" clean.

Getting Tickets for Las Vegas Shows

I love Las Vegas. I probably would not want to live or work there (unless I work for the CSI, which would be cool except that I’m squeamish and have no credentials to speak of other than maybe years and years of reading crime and mystery novels), but I would love to be able to visit the place regularly. I love the glitz and the glamour in small doses. It is so full of razzmatazz that celebrities do not register with me even when they are right in front of my nose. Ask my sister, it took us minutes before we recognized Bono, and that’s Bono. You would think he would stand out. Anyway, I don’t gamble so that part of the scene is wasted on me. What I really enjoy are the shows. Las Vegas is never short on great entertainment. The problem is choosing which shows to see. With so many good ones going on at the same time, time and money are always factors to consider. If you are there for just a night or two, it’s best to go to where they offer all sorts of Las Vegas Show Tickets so you can get really competitive rates. There are usually other perks involved and customer service is excellent.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Marguerite's Apron

Marguerite had been borrowing my apron, taking it off the hook and ordering me to put it on her, so I decided to make her her own. The materials I used are from an old house dress that was spared from turning into patchwork squares.

Here you can see Marguerite working the apron and actually using it while preparing her snack of cut up bananas (she's using a spreader here; she has a wooden toy knife, but she uses that for playdough - and I was too lazy to wash it, so the spreader it is!). Later she would add cereals, raisins, dried blueberries and pomegranate bits to the mess and actually eat it all up.

So here's Marguerite's apron hanging with mine (completely upstaged behind Marguerite's).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Activities for Scrubs Readers

I was exploring the Scrubs magazine site again and I learned so much in a matter of minutes. The magazine may be about the nursing profession, but everything is just so relevant that everybody can get something from it. The layout is easy on the eyes, uncomplicated but pleasant with calm, attractive colors. The articles are engaging even for non-nurses. There are so many fun sections too, such as their polls. I joined the favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse one, answering Greg Focker (Gaylord, actually, in Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers). The other choices were Carol Hathaway (ER), Carla Espinoza (Scrubs), Cecilia Tallis (Atonement), and Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan (M*A*S*H). I chose Greg Focker because he’s the one I’m most familiar with. I stopped watching ER back when Noah Wyle was still an intern(?). Scrubs I enjoyed whenever I caught it, but I didn’t really get to follow it. I’ve never seen an episode of Atonement. I think I’ve seen M*A*S*H reruns, but I was too young to remember much of it. Anyway, I also made a Scrubby award (The Most Loved Nurse) for my aunt in Fresno. She has a bunch of great qualities, but she’s easily the most generous person I know and her family naturally loves her to pieces. Anyway, these are just some of the fun things to do over at the Scrubs site.

Shaving Things off the Grocery List

I knew we were about to run out of hand wash, but I decided not to include it in last weekend's grocery list. I had an idea that there was some way I could just make some at home using stuff that we already have. I have several working soap dispensers here as well as quite a number of liquid soaps that date back to my bridal shower, lol (about time I used them). Anyway, googling led me to this page, which gives some how-tos on homemade hand soap. Anyway, I decided to follow the 2T soap and 1 quart water (shake for 2 mins, slightly incorporating some of that day's workout) recipe. It works fine although the foam became flat in a matter of minutes. You can still work up a lather even without the foam though. Whatever, that's still an amount shaved off our grocery expenses. I'll just try another recipe as soon as this batch is gone.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What the Stylish Nurse Reads

There’s something romantic about nurses. I think many people find them so since there’s a subgenre of romance novels actually dedicated to them. The aunt I am closest to is a nurse and when she was single, she traveled to many exotic places for work. There’s certainly more to the profession than dispensing pills and taking vital signs. If you are a nurse and you would like some entertaining reading that is related to your job, Scrubs is the magazine for you. It is so far from your usual medical digest. It really reads more like a lifestyle magazine than the clinical journal you would expect a nursing magazine to be. It has so many interesting and fun sections that non-nurses will surely enjoy reading it too. Despite its pop culture appeal, there is no doubt that the articles address issues and concerns that nurses encounter in their work. An article I found moving was “Praying with a Patient”. I understand how praying with a patient could look unprofessional and how even Christian nurses could feel uncomfortable doing it, but if I were a patient and a nurse prayed for me, it would give me such comfort. I would feel more assured that the nurse actually wanted me to get better, that I was not just another face and name encountered all in a day’s work.

Marguerite's Trove

If ever you find yourself in our house and Marguerite starts playing with your things (note to prospective guest: don't bring things, unless you mean for Marguerite to play with them, lol), there's a good chance that they'll end up in the blender. Obviously, we have no common sense as the blender is in a spot that is easily accessible to the little one. Anyway, she likes to take off the round doohickey on the lid of the blender and drop things inside. So far, I've retrieved from it various clippies, my flash drive, a mini speaker, and some coins (don't worry, the blender is always washed thoroughly before and after each use). Prior to the blender, Marguerite's hiding place was the lamp in our bedroom. I've actually read incidents like this in various stories, two of them involved a crow, and one a cat. The same circumstances, except mine involved a 2.5-yr-old girl.

Crossing Out a List Item

Did I tell you that I won a gift certificate over at MomCenter? They ran a contest for Mother's Day and I was one of the winners. I was really thrilled to find out I'd won. I never win anything, except at scam raffles. Anyway, this will allow me to cross out another item (win a contest) on my 365 Things To Do in 2009 List (it has everything from lose 20 lbs and renew passport to apply for small business loans and finish the heirloom quilt). I've had that item in my previous years' lists and they hadn't been crossed out. Of course, when I listed it down, I had a vague idea that I actually meant a writing contest, but since I didn't specify, I have the right to get technical about it. Anyway, I haven't joined a writing contest in years, so this win totally fits the bill. The prize is really nice too.

We got a call on the intercom saying that a courier just dropped off something for me. Marguerite naturally thought it was for her. Anyway, she's holding on to the envelope and letter while I put the gift certificates away.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Potty Issues

Obviously, I haven't had much success at potty training yet. When I sit Marguerite in the potty, she usually pees, but I still find myself washing wet and soiled undies. I can't tell you how much I want a copy of Elizabeth Pantley's "The No-Cry Potty Training Solution". I've actually stopped crying, but I'd love some progress anyway.:)

Anyway, here are some excerpts from Ms. Pantley's book:

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution
Gentle Ways to Help Your Child Say Good-Bye to Diapers

Quick Facts About Potty Training

Potty training can be natural, easy, and peaceful. The first step is to know the facts.

♦ The perfect age to begin potty training is different for every child. Your child's best starting age could be anywhere from eighteen to thirty-two months. Pre-potty training preparation can begin when a child is as young as ten months.

♦ You can begin training at any age, but your child's biology, skills, and readiness will determine when he can take over his own toileting.

♦ Teaching your child how to use the toilet can, and should, be as natural as teaching him to build a block tower or use a spoon.

♦ No matter the age that toilet training begins, most children become physically capable of independent toileting between ages two and a half and four.

♦ It takes three to twelve months from the start of training to daytime toilet independence. The more readiness skills that a child possesses, the quicker the process will be.

♦ The age that a child masters toileting has absolutely no correlation to future abilities or intelligence.

♦ There isn’t only one right way to potty train - any approach you use can work - if you are pleasant, positive and patient.

♦ Nighttime dryness is achieved only when a child's physiology supports this--you can't rush it.

♦ A parent's readiness to train is just as important as a child's readiness to learn.

♦ Potty training need not be expensive. A potty chair, a dozen pairs of training pants and a relaxed and pleasant attitude are all that you really need. Anything else is truly optional.

♦ Most toddlers urinate four to eight times each day, usually about every two hours or so.

♦ Most toddlers have one or two bowel movements each day, some have three, and others skip a day or two in between movements. In general, each child has a regular pattern.

♦ More than 80 percent of children experience setbacks in toilet training. This means that what we call “setbacks” are really just the usual path to mastery of toileting.

♦ Ninety-eight percent of children are completely daytime independent by age four.

The Potty Training Readiness Quiz

Potty training is easier and happens faster if your child is truly ready in all three areas: physical, cognitive and social. But the big question is: how do you know when your child is ready? If you have never traveled this road before, you likely don’t even know what signs to look for. Take this quiz to find out where your child is on the readiness spectrum.

1. I can tell by watching that my child is wetting or filling his diaper:

a. Never.

b. Sometimes.

c. Usually.

2. My toddler's diaper needs to be changed:

a. Frequently, every hour or two.

b. It varies.

c. Every two to three hours--sometimes less frequently.

3. My child understands the meaning of wet, dry, clean, wash, sit, and go:

a. No.

b. Some of them.

c. Yes.

4. When my child communicates her needs, she:

a. Says or signs a few basic words and I guess the rest.

b. Gets her essential points across to me.

c. Has a good vocabulary and talks to me in sentences.

5. If I give my child a simple direction, such as, "put this in the toy box," she:

a. Doesn't understand or doesn't follow directions.

b. Will do it if I coach or help her.

c. Understands me and does it.

6. My child can take his pants off and put them on:

a. No.

b. With help he can.

c. Yes.

7. When I read a book to my child, he:

a. He ignores me.

b. Sometimes listens, sometimes wanders off.

c. Sits, listens and enjoys the story.

8. My toddler wants to do things “all by myself”:

a. Never.

b. Sometimes.

c. All the time!

9. I think that it's the right time to begin potty training:

a. No.

b. I'm undecided.

c. Yes.

Total the number of responses for each letter:

a. __________

b. __________

c. __________


Most answers are a:


Your little one doesn't seem to be ready just yet. Test again in a month or two.

Most answers are b:

Time for pre-potty training--get ready!

Your child is not quite ready for active training, but you can take many steps to prepare your toddler for the future. Gradual introduction of terms and ideas will make potty training easier when the time comes.

Most answers are c:

Your toddler is ready to use the potty!

It's time to start your potty training adventure. Good luck, and have fun!

Are you between two scores?

Just like any parenting situation, there are choices to make. If your child is hovering between two categories, it's time to put your intuition to good use. Your knowledge of your own child can direct you toward the right plan of action.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lighthouse Love, Part 2

More about my love for lighthouses... Anyway, for all my obsession, I've only been to exactly one - the one in Corregidor (I think there might be more than one on the island though, so I'm not sure which one). That's where Brent decided to send the middle and upper schools for their camping trip my second year of teaching there. Loved Corregidor, but hated camping in the tail of the monsoon (and jellyfish!) season. I struggled the entire time about ditching the camp and just crashing in the hotel, but I couldn't do that to the kids. I stewed in anger and glared childishly at the organizer of the camp (a real character, this one) as much as I could though, lol. Anyway, I didn't even get to have my picture taken. When I got to the top, a couple of ninth graders were horsing around, chucking little mangoes (if I remember correctly) down at their friends below. I had to pull them aside and chew them out, so I forgot all about taking pictures. I'm still bitter about that, lol.

Oh wait. The lighthouse was this one. I think they call it the Spanish Lighthouse.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paid Hacker - Dream Job for Many?

My husband works in IT, so even though I’m not really a very technical person myself, I can’t help but be interested in IT matters. Then again, there are just some things that are intriguing in themselves. Take for instance the matter of hacking. Did you know that you could actually study to be a hacker at EC-Council? Even better, when you are done, big companies will actually pay you good money to be their hacker? IT Security is an important and serious matter after all. Nevertheless, it’ll be like being allowed and even paid to do something you are not normally supposed to. This job should be perfect for those who love to crack codes and work out puzzles. Anyway, hacking is not always criminal. To be able to protect a site or a network from being hacked, the IT Security department should know how to hack themselves. After all, they have to understand what a hacker knows to do and how he goes about doing it. This is where ethical hacking comes in. Take an iClass at EC-Council and you will learn all that you need to know about the topic. Alongside Ethical Hacking are other categories on offer such as Security Fundamentals, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, and Secure Programming.

Lighthouse Love

I have a thing for lighthouses. I think they're very romantic and whimsical. It goes without saying that I love stories involving lighthouses. And remember that TV show "Round the Twist"? I followed it avidly, of course. About four years ago, I started collecting stuff with lighthouses on them. When my mom, my sister, and my aunts learned about it, they came in a steady stream in the form of magnets, canisters, keyholders, votives, postcards, etc. (the copper one in the picture is actually a sharpener) Anyway, since we moved out of our house in Subic, most of them had remained in storage. I was waiting to get a knickknack cabinet in our apartment to display them in, but since nobody knows when that cabinet is going to materialize, I thought I'd put some of them on the window sill for now. Marguerite barred their journey to the window, so as I write this, she's lining them up on her playmat. I'll join her in a little while and we're going to make a village of lighthouses with little felt animals for residents.

Doesn't this poor girl have a mother to comb her hair? Honestly! Anyway, I leave you with the lyrics to the theme song of "Round the Twist" (it's all of 3 lines, repeated over and over. And over, lol):

Have you ever, ever felt like this,
When strange things happen,
Are you going round the twist?

Have you ever, ever felt like this,
When strange things happen,
Are you going round the twist?

Well have you heard the word about the bird and the spider?
It wiggled and wiggled and jiggled inside her.

Have you ever, ever felt like this,
When strange things happen,
Are you going round the twist?

Have you ever, ever felt like this,
When strange things happen,
Are you going? Are you going round the twist?

Beach Portraits

Those in the south New Jersey area are blessed to have such a beautiful locale edged by part of the Atlantic coastline. One can easily find a very scenic spot for special occasions or simply for photo sessions. Photographer Carl DeFelice has taken advantage of the beautiful beaches in the area and has established himself as a master when it comes to taking New Jersey Beach Portraits. You can check out a gallery of his pictures on his website and while you’re there, you can avail yourself of the $50 Off Inflation Fighter Special coupon. There is also no Sitting Fee, so you can easily save $300 to $400 if you take advantage of that offer. If you’re the head of your family or an entire clan, this makes a very wise investment for immortalizing special moments.

Monday, May 18, 2009

If You Think This Is a Shameless Plug

It absolutely is.
So, I've started yet another blog. This one can be found over at Momcenter (Mumcentre in other countries, I think). I'm calling it This Mom's Issues and true enough, I've only blogged about my concerns as a mother. Will there come a time when I'll call myself a professional blogger?lol I'm actually thinking of starting at least two more and they'll certainly be monetized. This one, however, isn't. It's really just my thoughts and anecdotes related to motherhood. I figure I can do that here since it's my personal blog, but what the hey, I can do it there too. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's New with Direct TV?

If you’re somebody who spends a lot of time in front of the boob tube, it would be wise to subscribe to the best entertainment service provider possible. Direc tv uses the newest and most advanced digital satellite technology hence the superb quality of the picture and sound it delivers. My aunt has made the switch from cable to Directv and now all her channels are crystal clear. Direc TV offers different packages, all of them at competitive prices, to specifically suit the needs of a home or a business. It also has an estimable customer service department that will address your concerns with care and competence.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Every Gag=10 IQ Points

This is an interesting article I came across while researching "smart kids". My uncle in Calgary called up my mom and mentioned that my young cousin is included in an American-based site called Smart Kids (my cousin is very smart). My mom wanted me to look it up, but was very vague about how I should search for it. She doesn't know much about the internet (but she can out-text me anytime, lol) so I'm pretty certain there's a missing something in what she'd told me. Anyway, while I was googling, this article relating morning sickness with smart kids kept on showing up in the search results. I finally gave up on looking for my cousin's picture (I don't even really know if it's a picture I'm looking for) and read the article.

Apparently, there's a study showing that children whose mothers had suffered from morning sickness when they were pregnant performed better in IQ assessment tests. If this is true, then Marguerite has got to be a genius as I had hyperemesia (btw, the term morning sickness pissed the heck out of me because, what morning?! every minute, every second of every day - I had no respite) from my 2nd month to a little past my 5th month. I actually thought I would have an easy time since my first month was so normal. Enter the second month and I became like a character from The Exorcist. I probably reeked of puke the entire time. I remember the students always on alert, ready to dodge flying vomit at any time. Fun times, lol. Anyway, I did know that morning sickness is an indicator of a healthy pregnancy, but I took little comfort from that at that time. Now that the memories are less vivid, I can say that it wasn't so bad (but it WAS! lol). Add this piece of news and I can even be grateful for the experience. :) Anyway, to the pregger ladies out there, including my SIL, in case one of these days you find yourself slumped on the floor gagging into a barf bucket, just think that this could be an indication of your child's high IQ. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

An iPod Anecdote

The iPod has long been introduced to Marguerite and she, unfortunately, has come to like watching movies in it. It makes me feel guilty about this, but it does come in handy sometimes. Right now, she has several movies that she likes and if ever you ever have the chance to babysit or watch her, the following are keywords that she has come up for them:

Jessie - Bridge to Terabithia
Piggy/Spider - Charlotte's Web
Daddy - College Road Trip
Enchanted - Enchanted
Tracy Turnblad - Hairspray
Heather Mullins - this is a video of a teen girl singing "I Want You Back"
Mamma Mia - Mamma Mia
Paint - Miss Potter
Nim - Nim's Island
Wall-E - Wall-E
I've Got Milk - You've Got Mail

Anyway, yesterday while we were in bed (both of us started out reading) she picked the iPod up and got it started correctly somehow so she ended up watching Enchanted. I guess the movie ended soon and since I didn't lock the pad, she was able to fiddle with it. Anyhoo, while I thought she was watching Enchanted all that time, she was actually watching The Da Vinci Code (which comes right before Enchanted). The next time I glanced down from my book, I saw Tom Hanks. It didn't register immediately that Marguerite was watching something else, but when it did, I yelped, "Why are you watching The Da Vinci Code?" and took the iPod from her to switch it back to Enchanted. When I gave it back to her, Marguerite whined, "No! I want The Bitchy Code!" I explained to her that Da Vinci Code was not for little girls. She's usually pretty good about dealing with "not for children" explanations and would normally just leave whatever it is alone, but she was adamant about this one. I ashamedly admit that I tried to trick her by switching to You've Got Mail (I've Got Milk) since Tom Hanks is also there, but I underestimated my smart girl. She tried to make me switch back to Da Vinci Code a few more times before I was finally able to convince her that You've Got Mail was as fascinating (Ooh, look at that... so many books; Oooh, such pretty twinkly lights; Wow, that looks fun...). Methinks the iPod should just stay with Husband all the time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Appeal of a Supercharged Ride

I used to have a regular writing gig for a car website and in the duration of my affiliation with them, I really learned a lot about cars. The industry is filled with testosterone and it’s really fascinating how cars have become an obsession for many people. My husband alone is crazy about them and I’ve always suspected that he imagines himself to be in Formula 1 every time he finds himself in a lovely expanse of bare highway. I know he has souped it up some by tweaking the engine and adding some high-end brand parts. If you share the same passion, you might be interested in Their inventory covers most marques, from a buick supercharger to a Mercedes one, to a Pontiac one, etc. They also offer competitive prices and fabulous customer service.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Have This Idea That I Can Sew

I've been working on a seat cushion for Marguerite's chair.

It's part of a study desk set we bought at a garage sale last year and I've been meaning to découpage or paint the thing, but when I saw this blouse (also from a garage sale) crumpled in a ball at the back of the closet (never got to wear it much since it's too warm to wear here and since I've accumulated all this blubber, it really didn't fit anymore), and since
I still have all that leftover fiber from when I made Marguerite's shopping cart cover, I thought I'd just make a cushion for Marguerite.

The end product's a right mess with lots of puckering and ugly stitching (the thing's hand-stitched, okay?), but I think it's "charming", teehee. First it was just supposed to be the blouse material plain. Then I thought of the leftover ribbons I'd used for Marguerite's party's cloth bunting. Yeah, so no picture for those stages. Anyway, then I thought it would be nice to put an M on it.

The M looked jarring somehow, so I thought I'd soften it up with a lace border.

Sigh. I thought I'd better finish the thing before I start adding sequins and fringes and turn it into part whoopee cushion... Anyway, Marguerite doesn't like sitting on it. She pushes it up and uses it as a back pillow.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and Marguerite's Apartment Living Contraband

Trust me to be sick anytime there's something special going on. A late Happy Mother's Day greeting to all my fellow moms. Anyhoo, I was morbidly sick with a bad cold (I'm one of those ninnies who get taken out by the common cold) and since previous experiences have taught me that if I don't lie down and rest, it doesn't go away in the usual duration it's supposed to run its course, but instead it aggravates into an asthmatic episode. The point is we missed church and I didn't get to see my Mom or greet her in person (wouldn't have been able to hang out at their house anyway since my sister had a radioactive iodine treatment last Monday, and confinement in the bedroom wouldn't have worked because there's no stopping Marguerite if she wants to see her Aunt Chip). The above was supposed to be the paper mosaic card Marguerite and I made for her (Marguerite also has a painting that we tucked inside), but since I was sick when I worked on it, it turned out sloppier than it would normally have, lol. Anyway, I'll do it over and give a better version to my Mom (also the colors are dull!).

Last Saturday as I was preparing a salad lunch for myself and Husband, I discovered two creatures that had been living in our vegetable crisper for almost a week. Don't tell our building admin, but Marguerite just got herself her first pets.

Cabbage Looper?; armyworm?
If you can identify these, please leave a comment. :)

Marguerite was fascinated, of course, and she belted out with her medley of insect songs, with the addition of her vegetable song (because the caterpillars were in the broccoli!). In honor of our creepy crawlies, I leave you with this video (Husband loves the drumming - very jazzy!):

Thinking About Webhosting

I have been wondering about taking my blog to the next level and turning it into actual site with my own domain name and whatnot. On the other hand, I could also just start something from scratch and just link to the different blogs I have. I’m currently maintaining 3 blogs, the first is this, which is my personal one; another is about being a work at home mother; and the last is a cooking blog. I plan to create at least a couple more, so I’m thinking if I’m going to make a career out of blogging and being online, I might as well have my own website. I’ll probably need to get in touch with a website hosting service, but I need to do more research on this. A good place to start would be, which provides pretty much all the necessary information you need to know about webhosting. Their homepage in itself already displays top ten lists, awardees, and a chart with all the essential details you might want to know about a webhosting company. Also especially helpful is their compilation of articles, which makes it easier to understand what is really involved in webhosting. Their most current one is certainly giving me ideas on how to further explore online earning and e-commerce.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nothing Bad About Girly Colors

I just thought it looked very pink and purple and had to share. This is Marguerite in a very pink get-up, eating ube jam and playing "office" with her "lot-top".

Thursday, May 7, 2009

100 Species Challenge (22-37)

After a long hiatus, I'm finally ready with my sixth 100 Species Challenge post (started by Sarah Sours). The following plants are all edible or offer something edible, their pictures taken from an herb garden in Tagaytay. This could actually be a resource for people wanting to know how these herbs look like before they are dried, ground, and stuffed in McCormick bottles, lol.

22. thyme

23. tarragon

24. chives

25. local oregano

26. basil

27. Thai oregano

28. sweet basil

29. aquatic mint

30. mint

31. choco mint

32. parsley

33. alugbati (malabar nightshade)

34. asparagus

35. rosemary

36. dill

37. garden strawberry

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Isaw, Fairy House, and Sunflowers

These are pictures from last Saturday. We had an impromptu isaw picnic at the UP campus. MIL and our niece Chesca were with us. The kids had a good time running around and making another more ambitious fairy house. I also had an interesting conversation with the kids. Chesca asked where the noise was coming from and I explained about crickets. One flew/jumped right in front of us, so we were able to look at it more closely. While I was going on and on about crickets, Marguerite piped in with "What Dr. Cricket (her pedi) say?" Since it was a direct enough question, I curbed the impulse to explain the difference between the insect and the doctor, and answered, "Not to scratch your itchies" (from her last visit when she had the chicken pox).

Summer is sunflower season in UP, especially along University Ave. We haven't had the chance to take a picture of the rows along the road, but did find these ones at the lagoon area.