Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday Night Out

So this is what it's like to go out and see other people on a Friday night. It's nice. I have a vague recollection of being able to do this with more regularity about an aeon ago. Of course now it's more about cooking dinner and maybe if I'm lucky, catching the Survivor replay and reruns of The Office. Basically, it's about convincing Marguerite to retire early so I can get some rest too. Anyway, sometimes it does pay to be a know-it-all and answer polls and forum questions because MomCenter Editor Nikki Constantino invited the most active members of the site to a free dinner at iRepublik restaurant last night. The food was great, but getting to meet Nikki and the other moms was even better. In my nanny-strewn building (love the nannies, but, really, where have all the SAHMs - or just plain moms - gone?), you'll understand how I'm a little desperate for non-virtual mom friendship. Anyway, the group chatted away about the site and other things, both motherhood and non-motherhood related. We also got gift cards from Azta Urban Salon. I opted for the protein treatment one since I'm not getting a haircut until I can cut off 10+ inches again. Anyway, after the dinner, Husband, MIL, Marguerite and I headed to the nearby Icebergs for icecream whereupon Marguerite regaled us with her gooey and sticky rendition of "Eating Ice Cream Before the Advent of Utensils" (it's an original performance art, lol). Yes, her hands were "supposedly" clean.