Thursday, May 14, 2009

An iPod Anecdote

The iPod has long been introduced to Marguerite and she, unfortunately, has come to like watching movies in it. It makes me feel guilty about this, but it does come in handy sometimes. Right now, she has several movies that she likes and if ever you ever have the chance to babysit or watch her, the following are keywords that she has come up for them:

Jessie - Bridge to Terabithia
Piggy/Spider - Charlotte's Web
Daddy - College Road Trip
Enchanted - Enchanted
Tracy Turnblad - Hairspray
Heather Mullins - this is a video of a teen girl singing "I Want You Back"
Mamma Mia - Mamma Mia
Paint - Miss Potter
Nim - Nim's Island
Wall-E - Wall-E
I've Got Milk - You've Got Mail

Anyway, yesterday while we were in bed (both of us started out reading) she picked the iPod up and got it started correctly somehow so she ended up watching Enchanted. I guess the movie ended soon and since I didn't lock the pad, she was able to fiddle with it. Anyhoo, while I thought she was watching Enchanted all that time, she was actually watching The Da Vinci Code (which comes right before Enchanted). The next time I glanced down from my book, I saw Tom Hanks. It didn't register immediately that Marguerite was watching something else, but when it did, I yelped, "Why are you watching The Da Vinci Code?" and took the iPod from her to switch it back to Enchanted. When I gave it back to her, Marguerite whined, "No! I want The Bitchy Code!" I explained to her that Da Vinci Code was not for little girls. She's usually pretty good about dealing with "not for children" explanations and would normally just leave whatever it is alone, but she was adamant about this one. I ashamedly admit that I tried to trick her by switching to You've Got Mail (I've Got Milk) since Tom Hanks is also there, but I underestimated my smart girl. She tried to make me switch back to Da Vinci Code a few more times before I was finally able to convince her that You've Got Mail was as fascinating (Ooh, look at that... so many books; Oooh, such pretty twinkly lights; Wow, that looks fun...). Methinks the iPod should just stay with Husband all the time.


Mindi said...

"The Bitchy Code" - now that would make a bestseller. In your face, Dan Brown! LOL

kryzteta said...

So cute! lol! I also like I've GOt Milk. haha!