Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marguerite's Trove

If ever you find yourself in our house and Marguerite starts playing with your things (note to prospective guest: don't bring things, unless you mean for Marguerite to play with them, lol), there's a good chance that they'll end up in the blender. Obviously, we have no common sense as the blender is in a spot that is easily accessible to the little one. Anyway, she likes to take off the round doohickey on the lid of the blender and drop things inside. So far, I've retrieved from it various clippies, my flash drive, a mini speaker, and some coins (don't worry, the blender is always washed thoroughly before and after each use). Prior to the blender, Marguerite's hiding place was the lamp in our bedroom. I've actually read incidents like this in various stories, two of them involved a crow, and one a cat. The same circumstances, except mine involved a 2.5-yr-old girl.


kryzteta said...

One of my friend was a young mom in college, she would look inside their VHS player whenever she has things missing :D