Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shaving Things off the Grocery List

I knew we were about to run out of hand wash, but I decided not to include it in last weekend's grocery list. I had an idea that there was some way I could just make some at home using stuff that we already have. I have several working soap dispensers here as well as quite a number of liquid soaps that date back to my bridal shower, lol (about time I used them). Anyway, googling led me to this page, which gives some how-tos on homemade hand soap. Anyway, I decided to follow the 2T soap and 1 quart water (shake for 2 mins, slightly incorporating some of that day's workout) recipe. It works fine although the foam became flat in a matter of minutes. You can still work up a lather even without the foam though. Whatever, that's still an amount shaved off our grocery expenses. I'll just try another recipe as soon as this batch is gone.