Thursday, May 7, 2009

100 Species Challenge (22-37)

After a long hiatus, I'm finally ready with my sixth 100 Species Challenge post (started by Sarah Sours). The following plants are all edible or offer something edible, their pictures taken from an herb garden in Tagaytay. This could actually be a resource for people wanting to know how these herbs look like before they are dried, ground, and stuffed in McCormick bottles, lol.

22. thyme

23. tarragon

24. chives

25. local oregano

26. basil

27. Thai oregano

28. sweet basil

29. aquatic mint

30. mint

31. choco mint

32. parsley

33. alugbati (malabar nightshade)

34. asparagus

35. rosemary

36. dill

37. garden strawberry