Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Between Words

If by words, I mean paid posts. Anyway, I have been a fan of Collective Soul for the longest time, but since giving birth to Marguerite, I've been listening to them more and more. There was a time (shortly after giving birth) when I had a crush on Joel Kosche(?). I am always reminded by this episode by the fact that I have Joel Kosche and Ryan Hoyle (not to mention Collective Soul itself) in my MySpace friends list and I subscribed to their blogs. I also requested Ed Roland to add me, but he didn't (What's up with that, Ed?). I don't think Dean Roland had an account back when I was doing MySpace. Anyway, right now, I would listen to just 3 songs in the car: "The World I Know", "Needs", and "In Between". This is actually better because right before the current Collective Soul mania, I would play the Indigo Girls' "The Power of Two" over and over. Just about drove Husband crazy.


Mindi said...

LOL, I remember this stage of yours back when you were still blogging in MySpace. :-)