Friday, May 15, 2009

Every Gag=10 IQ Points

This is an interesting article I came across while researching "smart kids". My uncle in Calgary called up my mom and mentioned that my young cousin is included in an American-based site called Smart Kids (my cousin is very smart). My mom wanted me to look it up, but was very vague about how I should search for it. She doesn't know much about the internet (but she can out-text me anytime, lol) so I'm pretty certain there's a missing something in what she'd told me. Anyway, while I was googling, this article relating morning sickness with smart kids kept on showing up in the search results. I finally gave up on looking for my cousin's picture (I don't even really know if it's a picture I'm looking for) and read the article.

Apparently, there's a study showing that children whose mothers had suffered from morning sickness when they were pregnant performed better in IQ assessment tests. If this is true, then Marguerite has got to be a genius as I had hyperemesia (btw, the term morning sickness pissed the heck out of me because, what morning?! every minute, every second of every day - I had no respite) from my 2nd month to a little past my 5th month. I actually thought I would have an easy time since my first month was so normal. Enter the second month and I became like a character from The Exorcist. I probably reeked of puke the entire time. I remember the students always on alert, ready to dodge flying vomit at any time. Fun times, lol. Anyway, I did know that morning sickness is an indicator of a healthy pregnancy, but I took little comfort from that at that time. Now that the memories are less vivid, I can say that it wasn't so bad (but it WAS! lol). Add this piece of news and I can even be grateful for the experience. :) Anyway, to the pregger ladies out there, including my SIL, in case one of these days you find yourself slumped on the floor gagging into a barf bucket, just think that this could be an indication of your child's high IQ. :)