Friday, April 9, 2010

Accidents and Finger Puppets

There was a horrible accident in our apartment complex a couple of days ago. One of the custodians tried to free a kite that got caught in that power box thing at the top of the post (no idea what the correct term for it is). Um, he also used a metal rod to fish the kite out. Suddenly there was a huge explosion and the power went out. It was very fortunate that nobody else was hurt, considering that it was around 8 am and there were people milling about. The custodian was on the fourth floor two buildings down. One of the cars parked at the foot of the post suffered damages as well, but pretty minor ones I believe. A bolt of "lightning" almost got somebody as he was getting in his car, but he was able to run away just in time. Thank God really that there were no other victims. The poor custodian is alive, but half of his body is suffering from serious burns and he's bound to require intense therapy afterward. It would have to be one of those things that one goes "If only..." about. I don't think anybody asked him to retrieve the kite. From my conversation with resident plumber (he was one of those who took the victim in a makeshift stretcher to the company shuttle service to transport him to the nearby hospital), it seems the victim just got a little OC about the kite and decided to remove it right there and then. The poor guy. I'm not sure if he's the really pleasant, always smiling one (we have a few favorites around here, but we're not familiar with all of their names). In any case, we're praying for him.
While the power was out, I decided to take advantage of the lack of electricity to crochet (I usually feel guilty about this since I could be working or doing chores). Anyway, I thought finger puppets would be fun to make and to play with, so I got to work on a rooster. Since then, I've made a pig and a duck as well. If you're wondering what marker I'm using, that's actually an earring. :)


The Rooster Crows at 4am! said...

Hope your poor custodian makes a full recovery, the poor man!

BTW, love the rooster finger puppet!

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Dave! That's our prayer too. The rooster is Marguerite's favorite as well (mostly because she loves making the rooster sound). :)