Friday, April 9, 2010

Covering the Potential Trek

Husband recently bought a mountain bike and has excitedly been going for rides around Marikina any chance he could. We don’t live in Marikina now (but how I wish we did), but my parents still live there and our church is located there, so we’re there pretty often. Marikina has bike trails and bike paths, so it’s a very bike-friendly city. That doesn’t mean that cyclists can go without the extra care. Accidents can happen even if you’re simply sitting at home and not doing anything daredevil. Of course, we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of life’s thrills. We just need to be careful and take the necessary steps to cover possible eventualities. In Husband’s case, should he go for a really arduous trek, I’d insist on getting a short term insurance. I’m actually thinking of taking up the hobby myself, but instead of a mountain bike, I’d like one of those vintage bikes with the wire basket in front. And then I’d put a baguette and a little wheel of cheese, maybe some fruits, in the basket and ride through town until I reach a pretty little sun-dappled spot and have a picnic… Obviously, I’m envisioning a totally different biking experience from that which my husband might be hoping for. Whatever. The last time I rode a bike was close to ten years ago and I’m sure it would take me a while before I can stay on the seat for more than ten minutes.