Saturday, April 10, 2010

Financial Order

You know, when I care to think about it, I do realize it must be funny in a rich man’s world. I have never really experienced poverty. Even when I was unemployed, merely freelancing while I attended graduate school, the culture here allowed me to shamelessly depend on my parents’ financial support, lol. I never really had to worry about food, shelter, etc. Then again, I’ve never really been rich either. I’ve had some great-paying jobs, but they never really made me what my perception of rich to be. I don’t think I even want to be rich. I blame my parents for this since they taught me too well not to put much value in material things. I do want more money though. I want a big chunk of dough going into savings each month. I want a portion of the income to go safely into mortgage without compromising anything else. I want regular opportunities for travel. Do I have to be rich to achieve these things? I don’t think so. I can happily go without the usual luxuries or the lifestyle of the rich, but whatever. It could all just lead into a definitional challenge. The thing is, we could simplify our lifestyle more, but in general standards, we’re pretty frugal. What we’re not is financially organized. Or consistent. I admit I find it super frustrating. We actually lack teamwork when it comes to money matters. I’m a planner, so I don’t get to do much since I spend all my time measuring , assessing, strategizing, foreseeing potential troubles, checking, doublechecking… My husband on the other hand has always been the easygoing type and I have a suspicion that he finds sitting down and thinking things through boring. He does accomplish more than I do, although usually leaving me with plenty of room to point out how something could have been done more efficiently (it’s so easy to sit back and criticize when you’re not doing anything yourself, lol). Man, it was so not my intention to air this out when I started this post. My point is that, we need some financial order around here. I think we could really use some financial calculators, something to do with savings, investment, personal finance, maybe even retirement. Not being the main breadwinner around here, it’s hard for me to assert control (essentially my personality) over the financial steps we take, but if we’re working with calculators, perhaps our options would be clearer and we could be guided more properly.


Emy said...

this caught my attention, hehehe. Entering the world of marriage makes us think of the financials as well. Communication is always the key, though we also attended Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Seminar and an avid Rich Dad Poor Dad Follower. As what they say, nothing is wrong with being rich as long as you're willing to share to the less fortunate. TC Ivy!

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Emy. My dad and Mark are actually into the whole Rich Dad Poor Dad thing although I don't think Mark ever finished the book, lol.