Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super Low Asia Pacific Hotel Rates

Okay, this opportunity truly has me all excited. Accor Hotels City Super Sale is one heck of a deal. As somebody who would choose travel over stuff (trembling with excitement, with legions of bells on), this is the kind of deal I won’t have any second thoughts over. If I were to stay in Manila, Sofitel is a hotel I would be very ecstatic to stay in. It’s elegant, comfy, has a great location, and a great view of the Manila Bay. However, with the option of travel, I would definitely go for Sydney or Auckland, but since I’m currently gaga over a Sydney-based band, Sydney it is! Sydney has so many things I want to see and experience too, thanks to my undying devotion to the Travel Channel, I learned about most of them (which only fueled the desire to go there even more). Since Sofitel has made an impression on me, I’d probably want to stay in its Sydney hotel. Go ahead and check out the sale rates from Accor. They’re crazy low. You have to be quick about taking advantage too as this Super Sale is up for a limited time only. There are 10 countries and 27 cities in the Asia Pacific involved so your options are wide and diverse. Book online between June 23 t0 29 and you can save up to 60% for stays between July 10 and September 30 (rates start as low as $25!!!). This sale, btw, also coincides with the low season when it comes to air fares in the Asia Pacific region. Is this exciting or what?