Monday, June 22, 2009

The Eyes Have It

Marguerite just emerged from the bedroom with pajamas riding low, bun from last night turned to bed hair, eyes still half shut, binky-mouthed, and... clutching the latest issue of Buy & Sell. She just lay herself down on the mat and started perusing the B&S. It's really very cute. She's probably gonna fall asleep again, but that's fine. Her oatmeal is still cooling.
Anyway, I woke up in the middle of last night with right eye feeling all weird. This is reminiscent of a few eye episodes I had growing up. I've never had conjunctivitis. It was that other disease besides chicken pox which I never seemed to catch. Of course, now that I've been vanquished by chicken pox, conjunctivitis is a very real threat. I don't think it's pink eye though. It's the same problem that I used to have. I think our EENT at that time called it allergic sore eyes. One eye would get very red and kind of puffy (I guess the membrane thing does). It's not the usual pink eye since the eye doesn't have crusties. It usually just needs washing with plain water and resting (which I'm obviously not doing) and everything subsides back to normal in a matter of hours. I suppose the usual eye drop would also help, but ours still hasn't been replace since it has been doused all over the bed by a certain toddler (the parents' fault for leaving it somewhere within reach). Anyway, I'm pretty confident that a cold or warm compress will do the trick.