Monday, June 22, 2009

The Things I Find Electrifying

Modesty aside, I am pretty good at languages. I know a few and I am usually quite particular about grammar. I am also a history buff and have quite a penchant for retaining details that make me win at games like Trivial Pursuit, Cranium, and Jeopardy. I think I have a pretty good vocabulary too (which means I am the defending champion at Boggle/Word Factory at my church). There is my aptitude right there. When it comes to mechanical things, I am a total spazz. Electricity is an unexplored concept for me. I use it and probably cannot live without it, but I do not understand it. I remember learning about conductors and there was that demonstration about the battery and the wires and the light bulb and there was that ubiquitous question about birds on power lines not getting electrocuted… I got good grades in Science too. This is actually one of the factors that led to my decision to homeschool. Imagine a great (and expensive!) school + good grades= no working understanding of practical concepts. Anyway, I’m the type who would be paranoid about hiring electricians because they could be yanking my chain and I won’t be able to pinpoint how, especially if they talk technical stuff. I’m the type to go for a trusted company, who has its reputation for being qualified, affordable, and dependable to protect. If I lived in Virginia and needed a Richmond Electrician, Blue Star Electric Inc is a company that I could feel confident about taking care of my electrical troubles.