Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update on a WAHM Issue, Potty-training, and Hyperthyroidism

Some news:

1. As you can see I'm not using Google Adsense anymore. I'm using Adgitize now and I think it's more fun. It actually drives traffic to your site, you can click on your own ads, you get points for publishing posts, and the best part: minimum payout is lower ($10 as opposed to $100) and can go to your PayPal if you choose it to.

Adgitize your web site.

2. I think Marguerite is finally (finally!!!) potty-trained. She tells me now that she has to use the potty. Thank you, Lord!!! I still wouldn't count out accidents, but at least, it's a great improvement from me just timing and guessing things when it comes to bringing her to the potty.

3. My sister's hyperthyroid(ism) is gone. Now, we're just working on getting her back to her normal weight and getting her old strength back. We still ask for prayers for her complete recovery.

In conclusion, God is really good. He answers prayers and he also opens other doors(S!) when one closes.