Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Spinning Lovely Days!

It has been a complete year, people! Remember my first post? Did I do what I said I intended to do with this blog? Have the days been lovely? For certain, the weekly whimsy part ended up anything but weekly. I plan to revive that anyway.
This past year, I was able to share through this blog several monumental happenings in our life. Through this blog, I made some good friends as well. Let's not mention being able to earn from posts too. Spinning Lovely Days has definitely been an important part of my life since I started it.
My posts usually consist of personal anecdotes, health concerns, parenting issues, topics on homeschooling, working at home (although I've created a separate blog for that now), and numerous pictures and I hope that somehow they have been of service to their readers.
As a sort of resolution thing, I'm adding a weight loss ticker here. Marguerite is almost two years old and people just laugh when I still blame the excess pounds on the pregnancy. The desired end is to lose about 20 lbs. So, here it is, folks:


Mindi said...

Happy anniversary, Ivy's blog! Has it only been a year? I thought you've been around longer than that.


spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks so much, Mindi. :)
This one is a year old, but I had the MySpace one before this, remember?
Hugs right back atcha!

maf said...

happy anniversary! more years to come!
how soon time flies. thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas on this blog. i surely learned a lot, especially your posts on health and parenting. :-)
keep on exploring, my good friend and sister in Christ.
miss you. seldom that we get to talk after sunday worship.
all the best for you! mwah!