Saturday, August 2, 2008

Aquí pasaron las figuras de nuestra historia

A few days back, I with Husband and Marguerite went to the Manila Bulletin office in Intramuros to collect my checks and get issues with my articles that I missed. I love going to Intramuros since everything is so period and authentic. As a Spanish major, I spent many hours there just trying to get a feel of what life may have been like back during colonial times (as if we ever got out of them) and trying to summon a connection with José Rizal, not in a spirit medium sort of way, but more of a "his molecules were here, they were mean to him here, that's where he wrote his farewell" way and trying to imagine him alive. I never had a crush on him as students usually do when they're studying a romantic figure who did great things (I did with José Palma though - I wrote a paper on him and spent research time crying and sighing and gushing while reading his poems - and Lord Byron whom!... I still insist Husband resembles, hehe). I remember one of my professors in graduate school, a nun at that, telling me how she fell in love with Trinidad Pardo de Tavera while working on her doctoral thesis on him. It's an occupational hazard, I suppose.
Anyway, we decided to drop by Ilustrado Restaurant, which is down the road from Manila Bulletin. Husband had a photography gig there one time covering a birthday party and being reminded gave him the craving for cake. Afterwards, we were all set to go around to take in the sights and take pictures of Marguerite of course, but it started raining. Ah well, another day.