Friday, September 9, 2011

It Didn't Happen on Mark's Birthday

In case you're wondering... no baby yet. I've been hoping to give birth Sept. 8 at the latest (yesterday, which was also Mark's birthday), but he wasn't ready. Anyway, I trust in God's perfect time, even if it turns out to be 9-11. :)
The baby's huge. I'm praying for a natural delivery, but the ultrasound on Monday pegged him at more than 8 lbs already, so... like I said, I leave everything up to God. I have my cheat notes on breathing exercises and labor positions, but if it's a C-section for me, then so be it. I trust God with the details either way.
Right now, I'm trying to get as much work out of the way as I can. I think everything is ready with regards to the baby's things - even his "Welcome Home" sign, which Marguerite and I have been working on. I'm still deciding on a small gift for big sister (you know, from the baby), but Mark can take care of that in case I don't get to myself.
Marguerite and I have been working on project after project. Of course, that means everything takes longer to finish and the results aren't as clean or, uh, symmetrical, but they're definitely infinitely more special. It's a great way for us to bond these last days of hers as an only child.
As I mentioned, Mark celebrated his birthday yesterday, so Marguerite and I spent the day before baking a cake and making cards. She took a picture of the cake using her dad's phone, something she knew how to do and I didn't. I'm telling myself that it's a good thing that she knows so much about gadgets (although if left up to me, she'd be playing with stuff like rocks and sticks, lol). I do think it's really cute that she's her Nannie's (my mom) tech support. Mom, whose tech savvy is limited to logging in and out of Facebook, frequently calls to her granddaughter for help anytime she's stumped by something (like when a video she had clicked to watch didn't have sound... she called Marguerite over and the little girl helpfully turned on the speakers for her).
As for Mark's birthday, I was in one of those moods when I wanted to be all private about celebrating it... so I didn't greet him on Facebook or post something about it here -- maybe because this is such a special time in our life. Other years, I had no qualms making montages for him or taking a video of Marguerite singing for him and posting those online. This year, I was all about keeping things close. I felt a little off about that, but I don't really like forcing myself to do anything I don't want to do if it's not really a matter of responsibility. Everything's good though. It was a blessed day.


yme said...

feels the same way in giving birth, i have a date in mind as well but I trust that everything will happen in God's perfect time.

Same feedback from our OB, looks like the baby is huge but will still confirm it in today's ultrasound. I'm also praying for a normal delivery, but if CS i'm still ok with it.

Good luck to us! September is really baby month! Praying for safe delivery!

Andrea said...

i have been anticipating pictures of the baby. :) seems like the baby boy is relaxing very well inside his mom's tummy. :) i pray you have a safe delivery, ivy. i know everyone is excited already like me. God bless you. Midge is quite a package, indeed. so smart. :)


i have a present for you and might send it through lbc. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Happy birthday to Mark and the new one, whenever he decides to join you. Praying for your safety no matter what.

My Steve's b-day is the 16th, but I'll bet you don't want to wait that long!

spinninglovelydays said...

@Emy: I guess it's one of the things we really can't control. So long as the babies are healthy and the moms have a safe delivery, it's all good. Praying for you too!:)

@Lalab: Thanks! This baby's certainly keeping everybody in suspense. And thank you in advance for the present. :)

@Sharkbytes: Thanks so much! I'm okay with the date, but if the baby's huge a week before the due date, I wonder how big he'll be by the 16th, lol

kryzteta said...

You know I get excited every time I hear my phone beep. I am expecting it to be a message coming from Mark saying that my little nephew is finally here :)

spinninglovelydays said...

If the baby turns out to be late, does that mean he takes after Mark? lol

kryzteta said...

lol! Definitely!