Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not about Casey Anthony

How about that verdict, eh? I'm not going to blog about it. I'm tired of discussing the topic with the people here in my house, especially since it's hard for me to talk with a stuffy nose and an itchy throat, and I actually have to do most of the talking at that explaining stuff since I'm the only one who has followed the case since it caught media attention 3 years ago.

So, I'm just going to talk about blogging. Let's start with Adgitize. I haven't been active in the last few months. It's mostly because of my work. It doesn't really give me time to do anything else on the computer. Well, that's not accurate. It's mostly really that I don't feel like spending any more time on the computer after I'm done with it. Essentially, I haven't been doing my clicks; I've stopped participating in the forum; and I've stopped purchasing ads. Hopefully, I can resume my Adgitize activity soon. It's just that I said I wouldn't purchase ads if they're not going to pay for themselves (meaning the money used to buy them would come from my Adgitize earnings). If I don't do my clicks, there's a chance that I wouldn't raise the $14 I used to buy the month-long ad. Anyway, I do regret not being able to buy ads since they do help in boosting my traffic. For the time being, I'm concentrating -- well, not even really concentrating, on CMF spikes. I tried the Firework thing once and I'm not sure that it did much for my traffic, and it just got more expensive too. I think I paid $2 last time for 200 unique clicks and it took quite a while before I got all 200. Now, they're asking $4 for 200 clicks, I believe. Maybe I'm missing the whole point. Oh well, you can explain in the comments section if  you get it and want to enlighten me.

Essentially, blogging just doesn't figure much in the current scheme of things around here. Hopefully, I can get my momentum back soon.


Sharkbytes said...

i don't think anyone who is 5+ months pregnant should have to do anything. but what do i know... never tried it.

spinninglovelydays said...

Ooh, I like that! That's kind of how it was my first time. As soon as I'd quit my job around my 6th month, I didn't have anything I really had to do -- and pretty much didn't do anything non-pregnancy related.

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