Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hash Chorus

I think most churches have a hash chorus which the members have memorized. I love chorus medleys. My sister and I call them "segue songs", but they aren't really. We have a list of secular segue songs - these are songs that have similar tunes, sounding enough alike that they can have you starting with one and ending with the other in just one line, and without you intending the morph at all, lol... (not mashups - "segue songs" are supposed to come off funny e.g. "I've got one hand in my pocket... it don't matter if you're black or white" or for a local appeal "Tubig at langis... na 'di na kaya pang lumipad"). Anyway, in the case of the hash chorus we sing in church, the segue usually happens on the word that the two consecutive songs share (ours involves five songs). It's really fun to sing.

Every promise in the Book is mine!
Every chapter, every verse, every line.
I am standing on His Word divine,
Every promise in the Book is...

Mine mine mine Jesus is mine
Mine when I'm weary
Mine when I'm cheery
Mine mine mine Jesus is mine
(Mine all the time, He is...)
*I think the last part was just added to make it connect to the next song, hee

Wonderful, wonderful, Jesus is to me
Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God is He
Saving me, keeping me, from all sin and shame
Wonderful is my redeemer, praise His name
(His name is) *ditto

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Sweetest Name I know,
Fills my every longing,
Keeps me singing as I go

... tell it on the mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere
Go, tell it on the mountain,
That Jesus Christ is born. 


Sharkbytes said...

Fun! That's not the hash chorus we used to sing, but I can no longer remember how to get that one going.

wintergurl said...

Really missed chorus , visit church members house and sing . such a blessing

spinninglovelydays said...

@Sharkbytes: We hardly ever sing it ourselves - almost only in Bible Study. My dad just tests us sporadically to make sure we still remember. :)

@wintergurl: It IS a blessing. :)