Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Little Vandals and Kitchen Sprouters

Yesterday for outdoor play, we got out the chalk and played some hopscotch. I went inside to tend to something only to go back a few minutes later and find this community of freaky chalk people. Marguerite told me that the first three were our family (Daddy, Mommy and Midgy). Aw. I'm so proud of my daughter's art (no matter how creepy, or that it's a form of vandalism - don't worry, it's our wall). We're cleaning it up with water today. I also told her to stick to the ground and leave the walls alone.

See those lines connecting the heads? Apparently, they're hands. And if you think that those two lines below the head are supposed to make a neck, you're dead wrong. They're legs. Cool, huh?

In less alien people type matters, Marguerite actually likes sprouts, so we're growing some in our kitchen. We don't have one of those sprouter contraptions (I have to decide if I want one), so we're doing it the old school way with glass jars and an old panty hose.


Sharkbytes said...

Love the row of family aliens and friends! They look very real on the wall.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Sharkbytes :)