Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update on Fortitude

Hi. I'm about to push Fortitude again. I just had my second piece published on the front page ("Revertigo" May Not Be a Real Word, but It's Very Real) and am just a little over a dollar short of retrieving my investment (after that, I can spend the rest of the year just writing for profit).  Also, an update on the review center: I posted here before that they pay you $.02 to review (just giving a piece a score of anything from 1-10 -- you don't have to write anything; and if you have a piece up for review, you don't get to participate so you can't influence its overall evaluation), but they've changed the rate to $.05. That's more than what you can earn chatting up a storm over at MyLot (incidentally, I also have a MyLot referral code, in case you want to give it a try, hee: Of course, at MyLot, sign-up is free and it is fun to join discussions, but if you're there for the money, you have to focus on tasks (that was lucrative for me until one of my pieces was rejected for no good reason - I asked for details and was ignored - and it occurred to me how risky the setup was. In my case, I'd spent all that time writing something, wasting time I could have spent minding my daughter, without any real commitment from the task provider -- I guess the point of that short rant is that MyLot should provide better protection for task takers). Anyway, Fortitude, MyLot, if you want to be nice to me, go ahead and sign up under my referral. :D


Vera said...

Good thing you posted about it again. I'll check it out :)

Sharkbytes said...

I am very involved in Shared Reviews, so I think I'll stick with that one, but it's good to know about your review site.

spinninglovelydays said...

@Vera: Thanks :)

@Sharkbytes: It's not actually a review site, although you can publish reviews too. :)