Monday, May 31, 2010

Researching at Home

I've been slaving away at the salt mines - if "slaving" meant a little more than 5 hours a week and the "salt mines" meant in front of a computer monitor in a relatively comfortable room... What a way to exaggerate just for a dramatic intro. And I don't really know anything about salt mines, except for that one I visited with Miss Bianca (you know, the mouse in that book by Margery Sharp...). Exaggerating and then name dropping, how much more can you tolerate before I get to the point? It would be good if I actually had a point, lol. Anyway, I've been writing, as usual, thankfully about things I'm quite interested in. Of course, to successfully effect expertise I have to do a lot of research. That's not a problem either. I actually like researching. It's a lot like detective work if you think about it. Okay, not really a lot like it, but maybe just a little bit. You get to the answer either way. It's so cool that I don't have to leave this chair to do research. What with google and wiki and free pdf download, I'm pretty much all set. Isn't the Internet amazing? I'm personally thankful for it. By giving me the option to work at home, it has definitely made being a SAHM possible for me.