Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting My GLEE Fix

Gleek Alert! I have to talk about it. After missing it for months, I have to go on and on about it now. So, basically I watched the satellite airing simultaneously on two channels. JACK was a little bit ahead of ETC and most of it was timed that when one went on commercial, you could switch to the other channel for a kind of quick rewind. I'm not objective, so I'll say I totally loved it even though it felt a bit rushed, like too much was packed into one episode. At the same time, it also left me hanging, as a soap opera would. I'm trying to remember if GLEE did that before. I remember it wrapping up episodes neatly before with a definite resolution for something, but I may just be forgetful (blaming the epidural... for every flaky thing I've ever done... even the ones I did before giving birth - nice to have an excuse). Um, maybe it did have some sort of conclusion and I was just too confused by there being too much going on (and watching it twice at the same time, whatever that means). I'm glad that Jonathan Groff got to sing twice (although I wish his duet with Lea Michele wasn't "Hello" - looking forward to his other numbers and I hope they pack the remaining 5 episodes he's in with his singing). I also found myself waiting for quotable quotes from Sue Sylvester and Brittany. Sue naturally delivered and Brit's "dolphins are gay sharks" bit was pretty precious. I can't wait for Idina Menzel to sing (I'm assuming she's going to sing because how can you have her on a musical and not have her sing - oh wait, there was Enchanted, of course). I have two (can probably think up more later) questions though: Didn't Emma resign? And where does Quinn live now?
And yes, I watched the replay in the evening. And intend to watch other replays that Solar throws our way. And maybe go through videos on YouTube (no, we don't get Hulu here).