Friday, April 16, 2010

Learning the Trade

I have never, I am very sad to admit, had any head for business and money matters. I can be frugal, which is actually my nature and training, but I don’t really have what you call business acumen or investment savvy. I suck like anything at selling. I lack innate charisma (oh how!) and do not bother exercising social skills beyond what civilization expects of me. I bet I can sell if forced to, but it’s hard for me to find a balance between passive marketing and hard sell techniques. This is actually funny since I write sales letters, press releases and marketing articles quite well if I do say so myself. Writing is an entirely different skill however. Should we ever be blessed though to have a business that requires me to channel the business greats, I’ll gladly rise to the occasion. What I lack in natural abilities, I know I can make up for in will. Times are hard and I can’t just go on dismissing financial matters as beyond my aptitude. I think I’m a quick study though, especially now that I’m older. I’m also a homeschooler so I believe in honing the ability to teach one’s self. Having said that, I’m thinking about learning about online trading. I should really learn how to invest. It could even prove to be fun. It could also be knowledge that I could pass on to my daughter, give her more options as to how to go about her finances when she’s older.


Selina said...

hi I like ur blog and I added it on my blog list hope u don't mind.