Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Homeschool Session Was Brought to You by the Color Green

So this is how we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in our home school. We wore green (Marguerite's also wearing the new green ring from Tita Christine). Marguerite and I made a sign (she colored the shamrocks) and a shamrock button (Marguerite smeared it with sparkly green glue, but you can't see it in the pictures I took with my phone, go figure, lol).

We also made Colcannon (we used cabbage, M helped with the potato mashing and the pepper grinding).

We watched some river dancing and tried to copy, but, uh, I found myself too heavy. Marguerite got a kick out of it though. She was getting wild at that time though, so close to nap time. I tried telling her about Finn McCool, but she kept confusing the story with Glee, so I gave up. Come to think of it, both Finns are giants, lol.