Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Pen's a Keeper

I’ve mentioned before that I love to write, meaning both composition and the act of putting pen to paper. I have a notebook fetish and like to collect them. I do write on them so they don’t go to waste at all. The main problem is the accumulation part. Naturally, I just store all of my old notebooks, to the point where non-packrats start to tear their hair out at what they perceive to be pure clutter. Those notebooks have come in handy time and again though. I know I can look up dates, events, and other information by consulting them. They gather dust bunnies and years later, I retrieve them and feel all nostalgic reading the stuff I’d written before. As for writing implements, pens are important too of course. Don’t worry. I don’t store old pens. Even to me, that’s just going too far. Once they run out of ink, I throw them out. It’s not very eco-friendly though, so I want to get something that I can refill and use for a long, long time. Pens are notoriously transient though. Somebody can take off with my favorite pen and I practically have no claim on it. However, if I get personalized pens, then those pen pinchers can’t pretend to just have the exact same pen. I probably wouldn’t want to discard something that has my name or personal emblem on it either. Even if it does run out of ink, I’ll still store it as a keepsake. :)