Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 5 Drops

Hi. I would like to thank all those who dropped their cards here last week. Unfortunately, there were just too many of you, so I can't feature all of your cards. From now on, I shall be featuring just the top ten droppers. Here they are (August 23 to 29):

Friday, August 28, 2009

Please Pray for My Cousin

I'd like to ask for your prayers. My cousin Jason (two years younger than myself) is in the ICU battling complications from mono. I heard from my mom yesterday after she had received a call from my aunt. If my mom had gotten her facts straight, it seems that Jason had been self-medicating for two weeks not realizing that it was a case of mono. They finally rushed him to the emergency room when his temperature reached 105, he started having chills, and he began to have difficulty breathing. The doctor said that it was very serious and would have been fatal for somebody who was not in their prime. Thankfully, my cousin was very healthy and fit prior to being stricken down with mono. I've been reading on the different complications that stem from the disease and they're very scary. I just pray for healing and fast recovery. The doctor said that the treatment is predicted to be a very long process, but I know human will with the grace of God has surprised medical professionals many times in the past. This is what I'm hoping will happen. We can't be with him or his family physically since we're in another continent, but we're sending beams of love and prayers across the Pacific to them.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Sure Bono Remembers Us. Not!

Got to talk to my sister yesterday and she told me that she'd texted in our brush with Bono at Caesar's Palace and it ended up #2 in Chico and Delamar's Morning Top Ten (or whatever you call it, that morning it was all about celebrity encounters - she avidly follows that radio program and when we see each other, she tells me all about the funny things she heard there). Chico and Delamar have been around for a long time. Back when I was still tuning in to radio shows (while getting ready for school - NU's Twisted in the Morning... Man, how long ago was that?), they were already making waves (if there is a pun here somewhere, let's call it unintentional, lol). Just for the 6 degrees thing, Delamar is the sister of this acquaintance of mine and she is also an alumna of my org (of which I'm also already an alumna now, lol - Le Club Fran├žais - that's what I was told anyway). Anyway, Chip also mentioned that we'd posed with the Roman centurions/guards and they smelled like chinelas, but the djs thought it was Bono with the funky smell since he's always in a leather vest. Anyway, maybe I should start listening to the radio again. It will certainly allow me to get more done than watching TV does, lol. Chip can advise me what to follow. She has always been more into pop culture stuff than me. Back in 1999-2000, she introduced me to Rick Dees Top 40 and that is how I remember to this day that "Smooth" was #1 when we rolled into the faux new millenium (the real one happened a year after). Anyway, speaking of my sister, she's getting better everyday and last Sunday, she was finally able to attend church. Here's a picture from that milestone, lol:

Speaking of that weekend, here's another pic (Marguerite eating banoffee pie at Charlie's Grind and Grill):

Why Was I So Happy to Get Out of the '80s?

It all started with the Waters of March and the huge amount of time I waste on YouTube. I love the song and YouTube has made indulgence a really hard habit to break.

I rarely drink soda, but in the '80s, I did. A lot. Because I was a kid loose in a school with a cafeteria that pushed it as the drink of choice (later, there was the Slush Puppy machine and the Sustagen people did drop by regularly with their freebie cups of healthier fare. Also, there were the water fountains.). I grew up guzzling Coke and drinking in their fascinating commercials. There was Lilet's "I am the future of the world, I am the hope of the nation..." (which I can't find, btw - also, for your totally unwanted information, she was my colleague for the ridiculously short time I tried my hand at call center work. She called herself Mariel by then.). A favorite of mine though is the "I'd like to teach the world to sing" one (more useless info, I was a child who listened to Karen Carpenter's version of the song ad nauseam). Also the "First time, first love" one (my cousin taught me to play this on the piano when I stayed with them for a few days the summer I was turning 13).

So yeah, let's reminisce:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mysterious Preludes to Meltdowns

There are things that upset little Marguerite that we totally do not expect. For instance, on Saturday night after having dinner at one of Husband's finds (Charlie's Grind and Grill), Husband and I decided to take her to the park to let her run off excess energy (she had a late nap and was sure to sleep really late - great for getting to church early the following morning, lol - unless she got really pooped). Anyway, we had to drive through our street and when we didn't make the expected turn toward our building, Marguerite got so upset she started crying. I tried to tell her that we were going to the park to play (Husband didn't want to go to the playground because it meant having to chase Marguerite up and down bars, gyms, slides - he wasn't up to it and begged for a reprieve), but she was inconsolable. We just did a U-turn and went home.

Another thing I remember is the case of the open-toed stockings. She was so mad about her toes poking out of the tights that she practically had a meltdown. Here was my solution:

It appeased her and when I said we had to take out the knots so she could fit in her shoes, she was already okay with the open toes.

And binky-wise, no, we're not ready to give it up. :(

Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo Blog Prize and Week 4 Drops

I won another shopping voucher from MomCenter. Remember the photoblog thing I entered? It's for that. Thanks, MomCenter!

Time to thank last week's droppers (from August 16-22):

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