Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mysterious Preludes to Meltdowns

There are things that upset little Marguerite that we totally do not expect. For instance, on Saturday night after having dinner at one of Husband's finds (Charlie's Grind and Grill), Husband and I decided to take her to the park to let her run off excess energy (she had a late nap and was sure to sleep really late - great for getting to church early the following morning, lol - unless she got really pooped). Anyway, we had to drive through our street and when we didn't make the expected turn toward our building, Marguerite got so upset she started crying. I tried to tell her that we were going to the park to play (Husband didn't want to go to the playground because it meant having to chase Marguerite up and down bars, gyms, slides - he wasn't up to it and begged for a reprieve), but she was inconsolable. We just did a U-turn and went home.

Another thing I remember is the case of the open-toed stockings. She was so mad about her toes poking out of the tights that she practically had a meltdown. Here was my solution:

It appeased her and when I said we had to take out the knots so she could fit in her shoes, she was already okay with the open toes.

And binky-wise, no, we're not ready to give it up. :(


Vinay Rai said...

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