Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Sure Bono Remembers Us. Not!

Got to talk to my sister yesterday and she told me that she'd texted in our brush with Bono at Caesar's Palace and it ended up #2 in Chico and Delamar's Morning Top Ten (or whatever you call it, that morning it was all about celebrity encounters - she avidly follows that radio program and when we see each other, she tells me all about the funny things she heard there). Chico and Delamar have been around for a long time. Back when I was still tuning in to radio shows (while getting ready for school - NU's Twisted in the Morning... Man, how long ago was that?), they were already making waves (if there is a pun here somewhere, let's call it unintentional, lol). Just for the 6 degrees thing, Delamar is the sister of this acquaintance of mine and she is also an alumna of my org (of which I'm also already an alumna now, lol - Le Club Fran├žais - that's what I was told anyway). Anyway, Chip also mentioned that we'd posed with the Roman centurions/guards and they smelled like chinelas, but the djs thought it was Bono with the funky smell since he's always in a leather vest. Anyway, maybe I should start listening to the radio again. It will certainly allow me to get more done than watching TV does, lol. Chip can advise me what to follow. She has always been more into pop culture stuff than me. Back in 1999-2000, she introduced me to Rick Dees Top 40 and that is how I remember to this day that "Smooth" was #1 when we rolled into the faux new millenium (the real one happened a year after). Anyway, speaking of my sister, she's getting better everyday and last Sunday, she was finally able to attend church. Here's a picture from that milestone, lol:

Speaking of that weekend, here's another pic (Marguerite eating banoffee pie at Charlie's Grind and Grill):