Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh That's What a "Steluscope" Is!

I wasn't able to go online at all this weekend. Saturday was the children's Christmas party at our church while yesterday was the actual church Christmas party. Also, Marguerite and I slept over at my parents Friday and Saturday because Husband had to shoot a wedding all of Saturday in Laguna. Sigh. One of my fervent wishes really is that we be able to live in Marikina again, if only to be closer to our church. Anyway, the weekend was fun. I actually found my missing 4mm knitting needle, which was a neat surprise since I'd dismissed it as a goner. I was at my folks', sitting in the recliner reading the paper when I heard something fall to the floor. Lo and behold! My missing needle! That was certainly funny since my mom had looked there when it first went missing and all she found were the marbles that had lodged between the seat and the arms, courtesy of Marguerite. 
I was supposed to post about this project last Friday before we left, but I had to pack and then "You've Got Mail" (I never get tired of watching it and yes, it has become a personal Christmas staple and, yes, I got the "twirl with your daughter" and "embroider her initials and a daisy/marguerite on a hanky" ideas from there - all rights go there, I don't own anythang! lol) was on HBO and the next thing I knew, I was just lounging there all thoughts of blogging forgotten, hehe. Anyway, we spent the morning cutting out snowflakes. Since there was a paper towel tube and some colored cellophane that were on their way to the recycling and scrap boxes, I thought we might as well have some fun with them first. VoilĂ , le steluscope. If you think those snowflakes we glued on the thing look weird... they do. It's because I couldn't be bothered with actual patterns, lol.