Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Non Surgical Nose Jobs

A nose job is not something I have ever considered in my life. The old schnoz is anything but perfect, but I think I want to keep it. Rhinoplasty, however, is not just performed for cosmetic purposes. I remember Ashley Tisdale admitting to having undergone the procedure to correct a deviated septum that caused her breathing trouble. I think she had her nose straightened too as long as they were already at it. That’s why I’m not about to claim that I’ll never go for a rhinoplasty. Who knows if my nose would ever suffer trauma or whatnot that I’d need to have it corrected. More often than not though, rhinoplasty is done with aesthetic goals. There are probably many people out there who would like to have their nose reshaped. They just realize that a nose job is a pretty big risk too. There are potential complications and the possibility of the results falling short of expectation. Also, it is an expensive procedure. For those who want rhinoplasty without the commitment that a surgery requires, there’s what they call the 15-minute nose job or non-surgical rhinoplasty. How it works is, topical anaesthetic is applied and then filler is injected little by little in precise areas so the resulting shape and contours are controlled. You are awake during the process and can see your new nose take shape. Results are instant and there’s no need for prolonged healing. The results are relatively temporary too, lasting from 6-12 months, hence safe and non-invasive adjustments can be made to suit your face as it changes over time. The price is also significantly lower. Knightsbridge offers it at about 1/10 of the price of traditional rhinoplasty. This is certainly a viable option for those who are hesitant about undergoing a regular nose job.