Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your Home Should Be Your Haven

Most people are cautious when buying a house, but I do think people with children tend to be extra cautious. When Marguerite was still a baby, I kept on getting newsletters from various parenting websites I had signed up with and many of them warned against the possible presence of radon in our home. Since radon is not something you can detect with your senses, it’s really better for your peace of mind to have your house tested for levels of radon in it. Another thing that is possible cause for concern is the presence of asbestos in the structure of your home. For those like me who love old houses, from the really old to ‘50s-‘70s vintage, it’s better if you spot a home that catches your fancy to test it for asbestos too. Let’s not even talk about plain old mold. Since I have asthma, I can sense mold by way of my lungs. Honestly, any house could look perfect but have secret killers lurking in it Home inspection is the way to go if you want to be safe instead of sorry. In Denver, Washburn Inc provides affordable inspection, offers rebates to further lessen costs, and throws in a free elevation survey. This Denver Home Inspection company will help you choose the right home for you.