Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wheelchair Talk

A few people in my life are handicapped in some way. My sister is even using a wheelchair at this time although she can actually walk. She is still weak, however, and with hyperthyroidism, she is not supposed to get tired, hence the need for a wheelchair whenever she has to go out. Also, with her wheelchair she is always guaranteed of a comfortable place to sit. We have actually had a wheelchair in my parents’ house for many years now. Before my sister, we already had a need for a wheelchair in our household on account of my grandparents. My grandfather was very sick with cancer before he passed away. After him, my grandmother suffered from a stroke and being a diabetic, it all went downhill from there until she passed away last year. Anyway, I never noticed until we needed to use a wheelchair what possible issues could arise. There is the issue of storage, the issue of handicapped-friendly structures, the issue of ramps for vehicles, the issue of handicapped parking, et cetera. Having been exposed to wheelchair life actually prepared me for life with strollers. Anyway, for more wheelchair talk, those who are interested can go to a wheelchair chat room and find friends with the same interests and concerns. Registration is free.