Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Failing at Being Unplugged

I said we don't really watch a lot of TV and that may have been true once upon a time, but apparently not anymore. Otherwise, how else could I have come up with the following?

You know you watch too much Playhouse Disney when:
a. You can sing everything from the theme song of Jojo's Circus to that of the Imagination Movers.
b. You know that Christopher Robin is now simply doing cameo and that Darby is already where it's at.
c. You know that Sesame Street has been divided into several, separate shows (oh, but how you miss the vintage, old school stuff!), such as the Adventures of Bert and Ernie (or Bernie as Marguerite refers to it, tripping me comically into spoonerism and making me say Urt and Bernie) and that one by Grover going around the globe.
d. You know that Mayor Rosa is the alcalde of Sheet Rock Hills.
e. Also, you have forgotten all about Fez and simply associate Wilmer Valderrama with Manny.
f. Your favorite sportscaster is Pinky Pinkerton (or not so much as your favorite, but the one you can name if asked about sportscasters).
g. One of your favorite bands ever is They Might Be Giants and that the guys in it are clearly Higglytown Heroes. (Hotdog!)
h. You know that Shanna rhymes with banana.
i. You have been copying activities from Art Time.
j. You have been googling Dave Rennick (umm, *heart*!!!) of Dappled Cities Fly (or that you even so much as know that he's one of the guys in Alphabreaks) or Johnny Tartaglia (which means you and your daughter squeal "It's Johnny!" when he and the sprites are on) or Greg Page (or Sam Moran, if you're current) or all of the above because ADMIT IT, YOU'VE HAD A CRUSH ON THEM AT ONE POINT IN YOUR PLAYHOUSE DISNEY WATCHING LIFE.

So, how many of these apply to you? If all of the above, then you've got it as bad as I do. Mid-year resolution: unplug the freakin television!


Mindi said...

I qualify for B, C, D, E, H, and a little bit of J. I don't know the Alphabreaks, but I have crushed on Greg Page (that was two years ago!)