Friday, June 12, 2009

In the Event of Pestilence

It’s so uncanny how Austin seems to always come up in my discussions and general orbit lately. First, there was this person I know who went to the University of Texas in Austin. Then, I was watching Samantha Brown’s show “Passport to Great Weekends” on the Travel Channel and she featured Austin there. There was also this Australian band that I am currently obsessing over. I’ve been googling them and most of their interviews mentioned their stay in Austin. I also naturally have been watching their performances on YouTube and a lot of them were in the Austin music scene. Is this a sign that I should move to Austin? Lol In any case, I’ll know which company to contact in the event that I buy a house there and I want to guarantee that it is pest-free. I’d love to live in a wooden house and you know how a lot of insects have an appetite for wood. Some houses look great on the outside, but the walls are already literally devoured by termites. Also, I would want to make sure that I won’t be cohabitating with cockroaches since I hate them with the passion of a thousand cancer-causing suns. Anyway, for Austin Pest Control services, Ashley is an honest, family-owned company that you can rely on.