Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun Toddler Investments

Marguerite has earned quite an amount this past Christmas (doing what? Well, just being gorgeous and related, lol). Anyway, when it comes to her money, Husband and I are far from the miserly beings that we usually are. It’s probably smarter to save the money for the future, but that was not the intent of the people who gave the money. They meant for Marguerite to have fun with the money and whatever saving for Marguerite’s future there is should be done by her parents, at least while she’s this little. Anyway, while we may be splurging (her money), we still need to be smart about which fun toddler items to get.

The idea is to get something fun, but still really beneficial in terms of her development (and hopefully, something she can use for a long time). Toddler games and toys would best fit the bill. Since it’s pretty much summer weather here all year long (unless it’s wet), toddler travel and outdoor fun stuff would be a good idea. This obviously needs some deliberation, so even if we're having fun with the money, we still mean to get great value from it. Anyway, is a great place to search for just the right stuff as they have a more comprehensive index of stores and items sold online.