Saturday, January 17, 2009

Check Out the Weather

The weather has been really lovely lately (how banal can we get, writing posts about the weather). It has been consistently cool throughout the day. Before, we'd experience some coolness from dusk until about mid-morning, but lately Marguerite and I would go out for a stroll at noon and we'd feel the sudden chill every time we step out the door and I'd actually shiver everytime a breeze blew (can't seem to get out of tropics mode, so even with the lower temp, I still wear shorts and tank top out even though I make sure Marguerite has sleeves and pants on). Standing out in the sun is actually nice. Thoughts of skin cancer do not even cross our mind (normally we stay out of the sun for a variety of reasons - the plainest one being that being hot is just uncomfortable). It has been a plus in terms of power consumption too. ACs and fans have not been turned on for some time now. Anyway, I'm enjoying it while it lasts.