Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Church Anniversary and Blessings

The air at out church had positively been humming with activity over the past weeks and our anniversary which we celebrated last Sunday is finally over. It was fun despite the wetness of the weather. Members of our daughter churches in Laguna and Quezon were there to celebrate with us. It's always a blessing to get together with them. However, I've been in a strange mood lately and have had no desire to blog whatsoever (here's a clue *snort* to solve this baffling mystery *snort*: I've been deluged with deadlines since last week and except for one baking break - more cookies for the peeps here - I've been pounding away articles on this computer... therefore, I'm sick of coherent and thoughtful writing - note the subtle claim of coherence, cohesion, unity, emphasis, sobriety (lolz), etc. in previous posts).
Yeah, anyway, I just want to share a few wonderful blessings from God:
1. In prep for the anniversary, my dad fell off a ladder last week and landed on his head. Blessings: aside from a tiny scratch on his elbow, he was unscathed; instead of landing on concrete, his head hit loose earth (he's joking about his head leaving an imprint on the ground with small stones having been pushed to the sides just like the parting of the Red Sea; at 62, he is very healthy, is in amazing spirits, and is none the worse for wear after that experience.
2. During the pre-anniversary seminar on Saturday, my dad came home at midday with fever. He just sat quietly in the recliner for an hour or so and then returned to church. He didn't come home until almost midnight. Blessings: God made him better to resume his part in the lecture; God completely took away the fever as he remained fine the entire Sunday and ever since.
3. My sister (if you don't understand - pls look for posts about her under the health label, thank you) has been eating more and spent more than an hour chatting on YM and hunting down juicy gossip (oh you know what I mean) on this computer yesterday.
There have been more blessings, of course, but the above are the ones that stand out in my mind.
I'll post anniversary pics on here or on the church blog when I'm over my blogging blahness. May you all have a lovely day.:)


maf said...

those are great blessings, indeed!
Praise God! :-)