Friday, June 27, 2008

Any Old Excuse to Wear a Costume :)

Speaking of costumes, my sister and I have always been interested in throwing a medieval-themed party or in attending a Renaissance Fair (we have yet to find one here and if we become desperate, we’ll simply hold one ourselves.). We both are history buffs and are always interested in the way of life from different eras. That could be our theme next October. I’m more inclined towards the Renaissance, but the Middle Ages has that element of darkness, of course, and it would be interesting to come as a toothless serf, lol. Anyway, this is an unofficial missive to our friends to start hunting down Renaissance or Medieval costumes for Halloween. To point you in the correct direction, has a wide selection of costumes for these particular themes. Their catalog includes authentic-looking peasant, royalty, monk, and knight attires.


maf said...


i couldn't agree with you more! I have always been fascinated with the medieval thing - the outfit, concepts, ideas, etc. just like the victorian or old english fashion (the clothes with ruffles- conservative and feminine and so classic to me :-) ). by the way, are these three similar in nature? anyway, i like them all. i tried to be medieval during my wedding (at least my wedding dress and the menu cards)...i'm just not sure if it really turned out to be that way. :-)
looking forward to this event in October! sounds exciting!

God bless!

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Maf. That's right. Your gown was like that of a fairy tale princess. :)