Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 Things About This Mom

I'll try to post 5 things that I haven't mentioned on this blog yet:

1. I have a collection of lighthouse-themed things.
2. I have 20/20 vision (thus far).
3. I get hives from extreme experiences (heat, cold, embarrassment, excitement... one time a boy I liked asked me out and I broke out in awful red splotches - very becoming, lol)
4. I used to hate my name, but I now love it.
5. My taste in music is so eclectic that I like anything from classic rock to acoustic folk, from grunge to... Barry Manilow (heehee).


Beth Dargis said...

Good to meet another "vertically challenged" person. My music tastes are all over the place as well. Hope you get to see New Kids on the Block :)