Friday, May 16, 2008

A WAHM's Spark of Hope

I have no qualms about getting paid for posts. This one is a sponsored post, in fact. I am a work-at-home mother and monetizing my blog is a legit earning option. I have been doing PayPerPost for a few months now and have also set up an account with the newest IZEA offering, SocialSpark. The opportunities seem just as plentiful and I like it that there seem to be so much more going on in it. It really is a social networking site besides an agency that bloggers can affiliate with to earn some money.

The thing with SocialSpark is that you get the chance to get waitlisted for a blogging opportunity. You simply wait for them to contact you with their go-signal to write your post. As with PayPerPost, the higher your blog ranking is, the more eligible you are for opportunities. I have no beef with that. Anybody can see the logic in it.

However, my experience thus far constitutes of joining the queue for three opportunities, one of which I’ve already been granted, but I got to read the email 12 hours after they sent it so I missed my chance. Customer support told me I just needed to sign up for the op again. That's okay although I hope they were quicker in granting the op in the first place so I didn't forget all about it. I really haven’t been active yet, but other users such as Celebridiot-com are already very much into it, as is evident in their profiles. You can see that they've tapped all of the features of the site and are enjoying themselves. I chose to link to Celebridiot-com's profile because you can see in it that the user has already been active.

To sum up, I like it that you can sign up for ops that you qualify for and just not miss your chance because all the others got to see them first and I don't like it that it takes a long time for them to grant you the op you signed up for. The great thing about SocialSpark is that it is still in its starting phase and you can be a part of its growth. Your comments and suggestions can help shape it into its improved version. My own suggestion is that they update you on the status of your application for an op. If it's being processed, say so. If the application was rejected, ditto.

This post is paid for by SocialSpark.


Audrey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love when folks monetize their blogs. It's wonderful that today folks get paid for blogging versus giving away their words...and there's still plenty of opportunity to give away words. I read your top post about your sister. I'm wondering what's up since I've not read the other posts. Anyway, nice to meet you.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks for dropping by, Audrey. Re my sister, the posts about her are under the health label. In a capsule though, she's had a mysterious illness (doctors are baffled by it)since late November. There has been some improvement, but it's slow going. That's why we think her negative attitude is hindering her complete recovery. Then again, we could be wrong since we still haven't pinpointed the real problem.

chelltan said...

Hi Ivy!

I didn't "actually" join in the Mommyfest celeb as I was licking my wound that time for getting a negative (yet again!) on my pregnancy test :P

I am soo going to sign up for SocialSpark! I hate the idea of first come first "pick" on opportunities as well. Great post!

chelltan said...

hellow! me again :P

I tried the link (SocialSpark)and updated my browser and all, but I still can't access the homepage. Do I need a referral link by any chance?


spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Chell. That's strange. I always use Firefox for it and I never had trouble. I did try it on IE this time to check and I got that update browser thing. Did you try it on Firefox?
Sorry about the negative. Let's trust that it will come in God's perfect time.:)

chelltan said...

I'm using IE. I'm going to download firefox now and see if it'll work :)