Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quick One

My sister's back in the hospital. The day before yesterday, she started experiencing a shooting pain up and down her legs and very bad heartburn and this is besides the actual pain and discomfort she was already in. Yesterday, I hied off for a quick trip to the bank and when I got back my mother was cradling my sister in her arms, very much a la Pieta, so I panicked and rushed to them. Chip was having difficulty breathing, so to make the long story short, we rushed her back to the hospital and an ECG showed that she had shrinking veins thus the shortness of breath. What on earth is happening to my sister? Please read previous posts, most of them under the health label, if you have the time and see if you've encountered anything similar because even the doctors are confused. Prayer requests again, also for Ethan Powell. Pls click the link in the right margin as I cannot bother to embed link here. I really hope all this is over before Christmas. Chip's birthday is the day after and I really pray she's regained her health by then. Gotta git. TIA.


christine said...

Whats happening to Chip? Kawawa naman, I hope she gets better soon. She's in our prayers.

maf said...

we are earnestly praying for chipi. good thing, she's back home now. i believe she'll be well soon! God heals. :=)