Monday, December 17, 2007

Baby Miko Turns One

Yesterday, we went to Cabanatuan to attend my bestfriend's youngest's first birthday party. We arrived late since the place is over three hours away (bad roads and road system... ideally, the place must be just an hour away) but we still enjoyed ourselves. There was a magic show and the food was really good. The party at the venue ended shortly after we got there, but we extended the party at their house and didn't make for home until hours later. It was a lovely day. Bestfriend and I hardly ever get to see each other owing to the distance and the business of everyday living (she has three kids, plus there's work, of course, and now she's also taking her Masters... don't worry, she's a great multi-tasker), but when we do, we always have a fabulous time. Anyway, Miko is her miracle baby, a true blessing to all of us. Bestfriend went into labor at six months and had the baby three months early. It was a difficult couple of months for them at first, but now Miko is active and healthy. He and Marguerite screamed baby talk at each other most of the afternoon.
Then, on our way home, we mostly followed this truck. It's right up there with another truck grafitto favorite: Destansya, Amego (Distancia, Amigo). Those truckers really know how to have fun with language, English or Spanish.
"Long vihecle make's wide turn!!!" In case you didn't know.


Anonymous said...

I personally like "Bawal Umehi Deto" :-D