Monday, November 26, 2007

Taek Won't Do

My cousin Jaymee competed again last Saturday in an open-belt event at a nearby mall. My Dad watched from morning until evening so Jaymee would have some moral support. Husband, Marguerite, and I showed up in the afternoon, but left after half an hour or so because Jaymee wasn't to compete until really late. It kinda sucks that the athletes were expected to just wait an entire day for their turn to compete, but the people concerned were used to it. Not the common relative who (yes, I studied taek won do myself and I positively reeked at it) had a freebie coupon for a bazaarnival happening on the same day. Anyway, I'm not an advocate of competition. I don't like the thought of an individual proving herself to be better than another. More so with the thought of anybody who needs to feel superior to feel good about herself. Obviously, I have issues. I'm very competitive myself and hope to overcome my bloodthirsty instincts. Sometimes I forget myself though, especially when watching Jeopardy and roar with triumph when I answer a question correctly acting all "in-your-face!" at the poor person who's watching with me. I'm competitive and lame. Anyway, Jaymee showed up in church with liniment strips all over her body the following day. (Side note: Some gooner friends of Jaymee thought I was her mother. I was outraged at first because that implied that I looked old enough to have a teenager. That was before I did a quick math and realized that I (31) am 18 years older than Jaymee (13), so, oh well... but let me tell you with a completely straight face that up until three years ago, I looked 18! Really! Why won't you believe me?)

Anyway, my SIL Christine had a booth at the Green Meadows Bazaar this weekend. She's selling toys, clothes, accessories... and some of Chip's stuff as well. There were so many booths with cool items, like this one with funny onesies. I exercised supreme self-control though and only bought food. I got several bags of baked tofu chips (for myself and my Mom), which I love. I'll try making some myself because they were rather expensive. Anyway, Christine will be at the WackWack bazaar next weekend. It would be great if you could drop by.

We also dropped by Books for Less yesterday evening. I love that place. Their books are a bit more expensive than Book Sale's, but they're generally in better condition. If you let me loose in either of these shops, I'll completely deplete our budget, so I try to keep my visits rare. Anyway, this time I ended up buying four board books that were already marked down from their original bargain prices. I don't mind giving Marguerite secondhand board books. I just clean them thoroughly using wet wipes or a piece of cloth with alcohol. I make sure to give the edges a good swipe and fan out the pages while drying. I thought before that that might not be enough so I googled to see if there was another more complicated way to clean secondhand board books, but other moms seem to be doing the same thing. I do know that Sister steams old moldy paperbacks before she reads them, but I'm not sure if that applies to board books.



maf said...

those tofu chips look yummy! can i have some? not kidding....:=)