Saturday, November 24, 2007

Airing Out Shelved Sewing Projects

I haven't been sewing lately. And since sometimes I have to shame myself into action, I'm listing down pending sewing projects here. I'm enumerating based on the length of time each item has been gathering dust bunnies.
1. Marguerite's quilt - still in the process of cutting squares
2. shopping cart cover - almost done, just need to close up the last side
3. baby leg warmers - so far old knee socks have been cut
4. lovely thrift shop dress - needs altering
5. sling - it was going to be a hotsling, but I find that using the cloth rebozo style works better now that Marguerite is bigger (and heavier and more active). I just need to french seam the sides
Hmm, what's easiest to resume doing? It's not the easiest, but I better fix the dress so I can finally wear it. Then it's a right shame not to finish something that's almost done, so the shopping cart cover also needs to take priority. Now I just need to find the time to work on these things. Isn't it funny how I could have accomplished an entire project in the span of time I had written this blog? There's a message somewhere here that my brain is rejecting.