Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Les Fêtes de Marguerite (pic overload)

Painting it in the light that I prefer...

Here's her invite.

Cheesy poem alert. Okay, I wrote it. I went overboard with the rhyme, mostly because I want it to be clear to her later that it was written especially for her. I mean, it's pretty obvious it doesn't rhyme with "one" or "birthday" or "baby", right?:-p Husband and I designed it.

Marguerite avec tiara

The tiara was lovingly made by her Aunt Chip.

Marguerite's dedication

Don't be fooled by the first pic. She's not praying there. You should see the series of pics from the prayer. Every shot had her in a different position, Ms. Wiggles! That's my Dad and Marguerite's Grandpa presiding over the dedication.

Marguerite with Nana and Lola (grandmothers)

Marguerite with tarp poster

This was designed by Husband. The pics were taken by moi for this blog.

Marguerite's birthday cakes

The yummy cupcakes were a gift from my friend Tricia ( Little Cakes Factory). The birthday cake was baked by Ton's mom (it was his gift to Marguerite). We only needed to decorate it, hence the appearance. It was delicious despite the way it looked, lol.

Marguerite with Aunt Christine

I bought a plain bib and just appliquéd and embroidered on it to make it say "Midge is 1". The appliqués were cutouts from a blouse of mine.

Birthday streamer

Hmmm, it turned out nothing like my initial design, but who cares? I made it and it served its purpose.

Marguerite's souvenirs and favors

I really didn't want to give out candy, but the jellybeans were made and I simply had to re-pack them into cute little bags. I really couldn't hack baking cookies as I had initially planned to. The fridge magnets were designed by Husband.

Facepainting area

Our talented friend, Jeff, painted faces as his gift to Marguerite. That's my kind of gift.:)

Some of our lovely guests

Some crazies we hired from the nearby asylum to liven up the party

Just kidding! These guys rock!

Moi, all fatiguée

Sunday School Party

There's the flower piñata I had made for the first party, but all things ended up working together for the better. We ended up using it at this party.

The party really fell short of what I had planned for, but no crying over spilt milk (anymore, lol). It was still my kind of thing despite all the disappointments because it turned out more intimate than what we had expected; most of the details were a labor of love, as opposed to having hired professionals to do them (all of the food was prepared by our families and Tita Thelma, who's family anyway, the emcees were Sister and Allison, photos and video were taken care of by Husband's siblings...); and you could see that so many people really love and care for my daughter.

To those who have been wondering. We didn't get godparents because a. dedication in its truest and simplest form wouldn't require them, b. some of our closest friends, whom we would have loved to get as godparents for our daughter, are of a different faith (our church doesn't interfere with the parents' choice of sponsors, but I have my own views regarding this), and c. my experience with godparents (having some and being one) told me that we could definitely do without them. That's not to say that we think all dedications or christenings should be without them. It's true that the ritual fortifies existing bonds and some godparents actually live up to their duty, so I'm just saying that this was our choice.

PS. Thanks to Chit, Lalab, and Christine for letting me snag pics from your albums.:)


aunt chip said...

the most important thing was Midge looked amazing. anyhow, the party had its good points but they're like hidden in the chamber of secrets...come on, who would have thought that the cake would taste great considering its 'I'M MELTING' appearance...exclude me and nigella, i think you should.
next time however...nyehehehe!
oh yea, too bad al and i didn't get to do our rap, then again maybe it wasn't too bad we had to skip that stunt.:)

aunt chip said...

let me just add that the giveaways were fantastic. loved the flan though i didn't get to try it until there was just a spoonful left on the plate...loved the weather too...also the cupcakes, our friends who helped us out...
well i'll be! it doesn't sound like a bad event at all!

Hilda said...

Wow! All that for the first birthday? I can't wait for her 18th birthday or her wedding day!

Trina said...

Congratulations for a wonderful party. It was truly a labor of love for your little Marguerite. :D

spinninglovelydays said...

chip: oui, oui! vive marguerite!:-D
hilda: that's actually nothing compared to the usual filipino party. too many diys :) nowadays the trend is to hire a party planner, professional magicians and ventriloquists, a caterer + food carts... it's really crazy, lol.
trina: thanks. i'd like to think so. :)