Thursday, September 27, 2007

We Said We Wouldn't,

but one of them found us instead. I'm talking about those expensive, bum-breeding (joke! I'm sure at least one of you have them:-p) recliners. Nowadays, they're so hi-tech it would take great willpower to detach yourself from them. If you're the type who can spend the entire day in front of the TV, then get ready to propose. I think you might just want to pledge spending eternity with it. You'll love the chair so much, you'll want to marry it.
The thing is, it's not really ours. It's my Dad's. It all started with his last trip to the US. He was invited to a talk about alkaline (or alkaline-reduced) water by another pastor friend of his. This friend has kidney troubles and undergoes dialysis everyday. Alkaline water comes highly recommended by him and seems to be the rage among the health-conscious these days. It doesn't come cheap though. My Dad's friend purchased his water system for more than 1k US (hmm, you might think differently, but coming from the third world, that is very dear), about 70,000 PhP. Now, my Dad is very sparing with his money, but when he thinks something is worth investing in, he loosens his purse strings a leeeeetle. I've also always known him to be extremely health-conscious. He has always had great discipline when it comes to food and he exercises daily. He knows that he wasn't taken very good care of as a kid and his body has been paying for it for quite a while now. He was forced to labor at a very young age out of necessity (his father, who had abandoned the family, had always been a no-good, spoiled brat anyway) and because of this, he has had a few very serious physical episodes ever since I was a baby. When he got home, he set forth looking for a water system for our family. Months later, he accompanied my Sister to Divisoria and finally found what he was looking for. Wasting no time, he proceeded to make the purchase and the fun finally began. I suppose the item wasn't very popular. According to sales records, he was the second person to buy that product. If the staff got a little too excited, you can understand. First, they gave him quite a big discount and then he, of course, was eligible for a raffle ticket, which then won him this, this, and this.
That's how we ended up with a recliner, which I am opposed to merely in principle because, really, why should I be opposed to a blessing? At least, it doesn't have a mini fridge on it. Anyway, we plan to make money off of it at the annual yard sale and fun day at our church.:)
As for the water system, I've been googling it and many articles claim that alkaline water is actually good for babies. We have a well-baby appointment on Saturday and I shall verify this with our pedi. Ever since I stopped buying bottled distilled water for Marguerite (I used to get per gallon, but later learned that bottled distilled water, once opened, needed to be consumed right away or it gets contaminated from the frequent reopening. I wasn't about to buy little bottles that would try my recycling powers), I have been sterilizing (letting it boil for ten minutes) filtered tap water. Hopefully, the new water system will save me the hassle of sterilizing everyday.


Mindi said...

I thought everybody wanted a La-Z-Boy! I would love one with a mini fridge! I would gladly marry it!

spinninglovelydays said...

hello, mindi. if ever i do meet one personally, i'll be sure to give it your number (which i don't have) and hope that the two of you will be very happy together.:) thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.