Monday, January 16, 2012

Cake All You Can

I have blurry pics! And I announce it as though I expect anybody to be excited about that, lol. 
We were up in the mountains again Saturday night. First, we stopped by the nearby sports center to inquire regarding karate lessons. Mark and Marguerite did that while I stayed in the car and nursed, so yeah, basically they came back with details on taekwondo lessons and some vague information on ballet lessons, just the stuff I was expecting to learn... What about karate? Well, folks, we will just change the topic... hee! Next, we drove by the dinky little mall where the dance studio Marguerite took ballet lessons in was located, and now I know why both its landline and mobile numbers were unreachable; there is now a church where the studio used to be. So, it turns out that unexpected (very vague) information on ballet lessons could prove to be useful.
Then we headed on to the mountains because the last time we had been there (last Wednesday, I believe), we had found out about the Seven Suites Hotel (turn left at the corner where The Old Spaghetti House is) and their dessert bar Sugar. We had seen a sign saying something like "All you can cake and coffee", so we thought we'd try it out. That night there were only four choices - carrot, double chocolate, Swiss Alps and caramel. I only had 3 slices, mainly because I had a baby to temper down my full enjoyment. I wasn't going to let shame or fear of diabetes stop me from committing gluttony, but fortunately Cameron was unwittingly saving me from my own foolishness. Mark had to run up and down with Marguerite, so he had an excuse for consuming who-knows-how-many slices. The main draw for Marguerite was the observatory. And the other kids, of course. She said she was going to have a pool party at the hotel for her birthday. Good plan. Our wallet can be thankful that it's crazy typhoon season around that time; pool parties are very rare.
There was a 3-yr-old kid who immediately walked up to Cameron as soon as she got there. While she was playing with the baby, I asked her, "What's your name?" and I heard her say something like, "I cannot say." I felt rebuffed, but impressed. "That's right. You shouldn't tell me because I'm a stranger. Very smart." I did find out her name though. Sort of. I heard her mom call her a name that sounded like Chon-say (Chauncey?) I was telling Mark about the name snub thing, when it occurred to me that she was actually tell me her name (I'm Chon-say). I just misheard. What an idiot! lol I'm sure her parents heard me too, hee.
Anyway, here are the blurry pics, as promised. You have to excuse Marguerite. She's all about the wacky shots these days. It would have been nice to have some pics of the cakes here too, but oh well, it didn't occur to me to take pictures of those.


Sharkbytes said...

You are doing great with two kids and going out. A young friend of ours (and hubby) just adopted a baby. They've been looking forward to this for a long time, but now they are finding out how little mom can do when taking care of a small baby!

spinninglovelydays said...

I get so tired just thinking about going out with the baby, lol. That's so true about being able to do very little. I miss being able to spend time on hobbies. I even miss Marguerite even if she's right here. But this stage is so short and there's no going back to it when it's done, so I'm going to enjoy my little baby while he is still just that. :)

daisy said...

heeee! the challenges of having small children. i'm glad my youngest is 2 already (by tomorrow). but still, even the simplest work can take forever when they're around. but being a SAHM is the best set-up for my family. i won't have it any other way. :)

congrats on your new baby!

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Daisy! Hope your little one has a wonderful birthday! :)