Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some Authentic Apfelstrudel and Linzertorte from Vienna Restaurants

I have a friend who lives in Vienna and she's coming home for a visit soon. Now, when asked what I want as a gift from the place, I usually say some Marillenschnaps (apricot schnapps). However, since I'll be breastfeeding by the time she gets here, I think I may have to come up with some other request. I guess any Austrian delicacy found only in vienna restaurants will do. This reminds me that my mother-in-law, who is based in Zurich, won't be around when the baby gets here. That would feel different since she was here to greet Marguerite as a newborn. Anyway, we'll have to postpone our dreamed of visit to Switzerland to make way for expenses for the new baby. Hopefully, she'll still be based there when we finally scrimp together the money for a trip to Europe. It would be great to go to galleries and see art zurich style. I know Zurich Art would be just right for my taste, a fine blend of the classic and the modern. At the end of the day, the trip would probably be mostly about going to Café Félix (Schober). I've mentioned my obsession several times. That, and, well, getting some schnapps, lol.